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Reborn Baby boy Jeshua by Eleni Xenaki~Eleni's Reborn Sweethearts


Ο ΝΕΡΑΙΔΟΚΗΠΟΣ και φυσικα εγω η Ελενη ,παρουσιαζουμε το πανεμορφο μωρακι μου 

που το εφτιαξα με την τεχνικη του reborning,τεχνης σχεδον αγνωστης στην Ελλαδα,
αλλα πασιγνωστης στο Εξωτερικο...

Μιας διαδικασιας επιπονης και χρονοβορας,αλλα που αποδιδει μεγιστα αποτελεσματα και 
που στο τελος κρατας στα χερια σου ενα γλυκο πλασματακι που του λειπει μονο η καρδουλα...
εχει αποδειχθει οτι τα reborn babies ειναι ενα ειδος ψυχοθεραπειας..
Κρατωντας το στην αγκαλια σου,εχεις την αισθηση οτι κρατας αληθινο μωρακι και αμεσως 
αισθανεσαι την αναγκη να το φροντισεις οσο καλλιτερα μπορεις,,,
Ειναι αδιανοητο να το αφησεις στην ακρη,αλλα το νταντευεις σαν αληθινο μωρο και αυτο σου 
χαριζει ηρεμια,αγαπη,στοργη,φιλακια και αισθημα πληροτητος και μητροτητος μπορω να πω....
εβλεπα τα βιντεο στο εξωτερικο και γελουσα,αλλα τωρα βλεπω οτι πραγματικα αυτα τα μωρακια
σου γεννουν μονο ομορφα συναισθηματα και δενεσαι πολυ με αυτα...
Ο Jeshua μου ειναι το δευτερο μωρακι μου...
Η Αντζελινα ηταν το πρωτο....και λεω ειναι γιατι τωρα ειναι Αμερικη με μια πολυ ομορφη και καλη 
μανουλα  που την φροντιζει και την αγαπα...

Τον εχω βαλει ebay σε δημοπρασια...το λινκ για να δειτε ολες τις φωτο του ,για τις οποιες πραγματικα
κουραστηκα παρα πολυ ...θα χαρω να τις δειτε και να του ευχηθειτε να βρει και αυτος μια τοσο
καλη μανουλα οπως η αδερφουλα του...

Πατηστε εδω και πηγαινετε ebay

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Εαν ενδιαφερεσθε να υιοθετησετε τον Jeshua,στειλετε μηνυμα στη σελιδα μου στο facebook,η στο email exdrompe@hotmail.com
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Διαβαστε ολες τις λεπτομερειες ...ειναι στα Αγγλικα  εφοσον απευθυνομαι κυριως στους πελατες του εξωτερικου...

Reborn Baby boy Jeshua by Eleni Xenaki~ Kit Lilian by Rebornland.uk

~Eleni's Reborn Sweethearts~

WEIGHT: 6. lbs 7oz 

LENGTH: 20-21 inches long 

A B O U T M E 
Visit my reborn facebook page...https://www.facebook.com/elenisweethearts

My name is Eleni Xenaki and I live in beautiful Greece.

I have been painting all my life,mostly religious paintings...

The Art of Reborning enchanted me greatly,

so I stepped into the world of Baby Reborning.

My painting technique helped me a lot in reborning babies

and made me cherish reborning even more!

You are most welcome to view my paintings in my e- galleries by pressing

the links on the bottom of my listing...

I hope you enjoy the photos of my reborn baby. They have been taken during morning,noon,afternoon and evening so that you can see him in different day times.He is most precious to me.

He is my second reborn baby and I consider him as a valuable collectible sweet

baby boy that will give his new mom endless love and happy times...

He has just turned out beautiful and so true to life!

D E S C R I P T I O N 

My Jeshua's skin tone was achieved with applying many layers of Genesis

heat set paints which will never fade off. His lovely hair has been

hand rooted nicely with top premium wavey baby brown Slumberland mohair ,

it has been sealed on the inside so you can wet it and style it as you like!!!

I have given Jeshua light brown eyelashes to match his hair and hand painted

barely there light brown eyebrows.He has got gorgeous Victorian Blue Eyes.

His tiny nose has been opened and backed with dark felt for depth and realism.

His eyes, nose & mouth have been "moistened" for realism.

Detailed veining and mottling. Each crease & wrinkle carefully detailed.

His tiny nails have been hand painted.

Each nail has been slightly coloured and tipped

to give a "just manicured" look to baby's fingers and toe nails.

All nails have been sealed with a gloss varnish for durability and shine.

He has a hand crafted, jointed, white coloured doe suede body quite poseable.

Jointed 3/4 arms and legs

Jeshua is approximately a 20-21" baby and he smells like one due to wafer in his little body.He wears

Newborn size 00 to 3 month clothing (depending on the make of clothing!)

He comes with a hand painted Reborn Baby Doll Belly Soft Vinyl plate....

Sealed limbs & body stuffed and weighted with the tiniest glass

beads (enclosed in sewn bag) and

fine quality polyfill for realism and has a realistic baby weight.

His head will need to be supported when being cuddled!

All work is done in a smoke free environment

and most of all with all my love and care for my second reborn angel!

C O M I N G   H O M E 

Jeshua will come home with all the adorable baby clothes and shoes shown in photos.

I made for him a beautiful cross with crystal beads and a silver little bird as embeds along with a matching bracelet...

You will get him with a super soft fluffy white-blue baby blanket . 

His cute hair brush.

His favourite toys shown in photos,along with his lovely lollipop...

Baby diapers.

A Gorgeous blue Cute Dummy / Pacifier.

His Birth certificate and Care instructions both signed

-by the reborn Artist Eleni Xenaki-

It is so difficult for me to be apart from my sweet little angel

but I know how happy his new mom will be

I send my love to Jeshua's new mama...

Greetings and hugs from beautiful Greece!

P A Y M E N T 

Payment is preferred only by Paypal ...


All sales are final so please email me with any questions before buying... 

Buyers are responsible for taxes in their own countries!

S H I P P I N G 

Your baby will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail EXpress International.

Baby will be shipped once payment has been Received and Cleared.

The baby will be professionaly packaged in care with all his belongings.

To ensure your baby arrives safely, the package will be insured and tracked on line...

Once you receive the baby I accept No Returns!

Thank You so much!

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Visit my reborn facebook page...https://www.facebook.com/elenisweethearts

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